Into it: Debbie Reynolds

... Reading?

I travel 42 weeks a year, so I'm always on the road. I buy a novel at every airport, usually a mystery. I love Stephen King – I think he's quite fabulous. I love Dr. Wayne Dwyer because he has words of wisdom to pass on. I have "The Innocent Man" by John Grisham. I haven't read it, I just bought it because I thought I'd enjoy it.

... Listening to?

I'm a big fan of Steve Tyrell, who's a new young singer. We're going to see him tomorrow night here – he's working at a club. I like live music. I play Tony Bennett and I play Frank Sinatra. I like Diana Krall, Sarah Vaughan, and Lena Horne – I rather live in the past!

... Watching?

I mostly watch the news, to tell you the truth. I have many old movies I watch – Pride and Prejudice, the original one. Dark Victory with Bette Davis and For Whom the Bell Tolls. I'm traveling, so I'm limited in what I get to see. Capote was a very fine film. I saw The Departed and I thought the performances were wonderful. [The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences] send me all the [nominated] pictures. My daughter [Carrie Fisher] comes down and snitches all my films from me!

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Debbie Reynolds spoke to the Monitor on Feb. 22. Her touring revue, which includes musical numbers, will be in Lancaster, Pa., March 18; and Waltham, Mass., April 20-22. Visit for more tour dates.

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