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Backstory: Counting on Christmas

Here's a yuletide yardstick of the 2006 season.

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$485 million – US farmers' tree-sale revenue in 2005.

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$126 million – Tree sales in Oregon in 2005, top-grossing state (followed by North Carolina, Washington, and Michigan).

221 feet – The tallest Christmas tree, a Douglas fir erected at Northgate Shopping Center in Seattle, Wash., in 1950.

The China connection

$1.2 billion – Value of Christmas ornaments imported from China in 2005 – America's No. 1 foreign supplier.

$39 million – Value of imported Chinese nativity scenes and figures in 2005.

$160 million – Value of artificial Christmas trees from China last year.


87% – People who donated money to a charity in 2005 (religious or nonreligious).

62% – People who donated their time to a charity in 2005 (religious or nonreligious).

11,000 – Christmas trees to be donated to US troops and their families by tree growers this year.

50% – Yearly charitable donations made between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.

84% – Malls that will hold charity events. Toys for Tots and Giving Trees are the most popular charity events in malls.

$260 billion – Total charitable donations in 2005, up from $245 billion in 2004. About half of the increase was due to giving for one of three major natural disasters: tsunami in southern Asia, Gulf Coast hurricanes, and Pakistan's earthquake.

Where the money goes

$93.2 billion – Amount of donations given to religious organizations, the top recipient of aid.

$38.6 billion – Amount donated to education, the second largest sector.

Decking the White House

18 ft., 6 in. – Height of the White House Christmas tree.

17 – Number of decorated trees in the White House.

1,089 – Feet of garland strung throughout the first mansion.

4,638 – Red ornament balls.

269 – Wreaths in the White House.

Even more Christmas numbers

36 million – Estimated number of real Christmas trees to be sold in 2006

46 million – Households that plan to use an artificial tree this year

55% – Consider shopping for presents more of a joyful experience than a chore

40% – Consider it more of a chore

$260 billion – charitable donations in all of 2005

$245 billion – charitable donations in all of 2004

$791 – Amount the average consumer is expected to spend this year

$738 – Amount consumer spent in the 2005 holiday season

47% – Consumers predicted to shop online this holiday season

Dec. 19 – Busiest mailing day, with twice the average volume

Dec. 21 – Busiest delivery day of the year

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