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Web Smarts

March 19, 2002

What: For high school athletes with big dreams of shooting hoops alongside the Duke Blue Devils or landing a hefty sports scholarship to help pay for college, these online recruiting agencies promise national exposure – for a price.

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Best Parts: College Prospects of America ( is one of the largest marketing services for high school athletes. Students purchase their own Web page where they list their athletic and academic achievements, and perhaps add a picture and the recommendation of a coach. The site boasts that a vast majority of students who use it receive offers – though they might not be from colleges that the athlete wants to attend. College Prospects charges between $950 and $1,550.

For football hopefuls with a little less extra cash to spare, try The one-time fee of $119 enables a student's Web page to be sent to 500 football programs. Interested schools will contact the student.

What you should know: These sites are probably most useful for getting into less-high-profile schools, which have smaller recruiting budgets.