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Colorado's Anti-Gay-Rights Law

December 10, 1992

Regarding the article "Anti-Gay-Rights Law Leads to Colorado Boycott Calls," Dec. 3: The state constitutional amendment, recently approved by Colorado voters, is neither anti-gay nor anti-rights. It is just the opposite. It requires equal treatment of all persons by state and local government.

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It prohibits government from singling out anyone on the basis of sexual behavior for minority or protected status, quota preference, or claim of discrimination. It guarantees the same rights to everyone, not as a homosexual or a heterosexual but as an American.

Colorado has set a needed example for the country in affirming that civil rights law should not be diverted to favor self-selected victim groups at the expense of individuals historically disadvantaged by characteristics such as race or gender. This principle of a free society is not negotiable under boycott pressure. My state's equal treatment amendment is just and right, preserving both the freedom of association and the privacy of the bedroom. Colorado, meanwhile, remains open for business. John Andrews, Golden, Colo., President, Independence Institute

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