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JOHN LURIE AND THE LOUNGE LIZARDS LIVE IN BERLIN 1991 - As before, this capable band has a smooth and bluesy style, with interludes of experimental noodling to spice things up. The group's uncharismatic stage presence has less to recommend it, but Garret Linn's concert film is still a low-key pleasure most of the way through. (Not rated) THE MAN WITHOUT A WORLD - Set in an Eastern European village before World War II, this tale of Jewish life and love focuses on a young couple, a band of gypsies, and visitations from the spirit world, among other ingredients. The movie has been directed by Eleanor Antin, a respected artist and performer, in the style of a silent film from the bygone days of Yiddish cinema. Although the experiment is carried off too unevenly to be called a real success, it has charming moments and pays welcome tribute to a f ascinating period in both Jewish and cinematic history. (Not rated) WIND - A handsome yacht-racer loses the America's Cup, then wins it back with the help of his true-blue girlfriend and other sidekicks. Some of the racing sequences are terrific. Everything else is positively awful. Directed by nature-film specialist Carroll Ballard from a screenplay by Rudy Wurlitzer, who's usually a lot more adventurous, and Mac Gudgeon. (Rated PG-13)

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