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In the largest such transfer in US history, Puerto Rico has turned over its 58,000 public housing units to private managers after decades of problems with the government-run system. The Saturday move has been hailed as a pioneering effort by federal officials and will be closely watched by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.... A lawyer for the International Association of Machinists said Monday the union has a tentative agreement with Trans World Airlines Inc. owner Carl Icahn, where Ic ahn will step down and leave emloyees with a 45 percent stake in the carrier. AFRICA

In Johannesburg, millions of blacks began a general strike yesterday called for by the ANC. Protesters demanded President Frederik de Klerk's removal and a swift end to white rule. Police killed three.... A general strike hit the Central African Republic yesterday after police beat a leading anti-government activist to death at a demonstration in Bangui. The opposition said three people were killed during the march .... Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has left for Rome for the first-ever direct talks

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between Mozambican President Joaquim Chissano and his rebel opponent Afonso Dhlakama, Zimbabwe Radio said.... The European Community's executive commission yesterday approved 10,000 tons of emergency food aid to drought-stricken Somalia. ENVIRONMENT AND SCIENCE

A $213 million European satellite released by shuttle Atlantis's astronauts Sunday got stuck in a low orbit. German ground controllers struggled to solve the problem yesterday. Unless controllers can raise Eureca, it could plunge into the atmosphere and burn up.

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