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The trip marks the final phase of the prosecution's case, in which convicted papal assailant Mehmet Ali Agca said the alleged plot was hatched and financed in Bulgaria with the support of the Soviet Union.

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Oklahoma guards released; prisoners win concessions

Prisoners who rioted at the maximum-security Oklahoma state penitentiary won concessions from officials, who said they will hire a nutritionist and make other improvements at the prison. Seven prison guards taken hostage during the 17-hour uprising by inmates were released safely. Three other guards were admitted to the hospital in fair condition, a Department of Corrections spokeswoman said.

Treasury seeks to bar states from taxing overseas profits

The Treasury Department proposed legislation yesterday that would bar states from taxing the foreign income of multinational corporations. But the bill would permit states to offer a worldwide unitary taxation method as an option to corporations, which makes it possible for companies with foreign losses to reduce their state tax burden.

Strike called in Basque area after terrorist dies in custody

A general strike was called Wednesday in Spain's key Basque area and 2,000 demonstrators threw stones to protest the death of a suspected Basque terrorist who died while in police custody, Spain's national news agency EFE said. At least 30 people were injured in clashes in San Sebasti'an, Pamplona, and Bilbao. Police made more than 50 arrests.

Former US agent is named to head Philadelphia police

Kevin Tucker, a former Secret Service agent, was named Philadelphia's new police commissioner. The new commissioner succeeds Gregore Sambor, who resigned in November, six months after directing the bungled eviction of members of the radical group MOVE.

Shuttle Columbia aborted due to problem with steering

The launch of space shuttle Columbia on its first flight in two years was aborted on the launch pad just 15 seconds before the planned liftoff yesterday because of trouble with a booster rocket steering system. It was rescheduled for Jan. 4.

Defendants seize 30 hostages in French courtroom trial

Two defendants in a robbery trial and an armed accomplice took 29 people and a judge hostage yesterday in a courtroom, but released 14 law student observers. The gunmen warned that any police action could lead to bloodshed. Police wearing bulletproof vests ringed the courthouse and an elite police commando unit was sent from Paris. The men also demanded direct negotiations with authorities. There were no other details as of press time.

The party line isn't enough; Soviets in for a fashion line

French designer Pierre Cardin has signed a contract to sell his clothing designs to the Soviet Union. Mr. Cardin said he will design 21 fashion lines for women, men, and children which will fit in with the country's socialist life style. The clothes will be manufactured in the USSR in a 324,000-square-foot factory and store. He did not estimate when the store would open and did not say the contract's value.