Results of the first three days of Olympic competition, July 29-30-31; (27 total events):

CYCLING Women's 79-km road race 1. Connie Carpenter, USA

2. Rebecca Twigg, USA

3. Sandra Schumacher, West Ger.

Men's 190-km road road

1. Alexi Grewal, USA

2. Steve Bauer, Canada

3. Dag Otto Lauritzen, Norway

Men's 1-km time trial

1. Fredy Schmidke, West Ger.

2. Curtis Harnett, Canada

3. Fabrice Colas, France


Men's events


1. USA (Bart Conner, Tim Daggett, Mitch Gaylord, Jim Hartung, Scott Johnson, Peter Vidmar)

2. China

3. Japan


Free pistol

1. Xu Haifeng, China

2. Ragnar Skanaker, Sweden

3. Wang Yifu, China


1. Luciano Giovanetti, Italy

2. Francisco Boza, Peru

3. Dan Carlisle, USA

Running game target

1. Li Yuwei, China

2. Helmut Bellingrodt, Colombia

3. Huang Shiping, China

Small-bore rifle, English match

1. Edward Etzel, USA

2. Michel Bury, France

3. Michael Sullivan, Great Britain

Women's Sport pistol

1. Linda Thom, Canada

2. Ruby Fox, USA

3. Patricia Drench, Australia

Women's air rifle

1. Pat Spurgin, USA

2. Edith Gufler, Italy

3. Wu Xiaoxuan, China


Men's events

100 freestyle

1. Rowdy Gaines, USA

2. Mark Stockwell, Australia

3. Per Johansson, Sweden

200 freestyle

1. Michael Gross, West Germany

2. Mike Heath, USA

3. Thomas Fahrner, West Germany

200 backstroke

1. Rick Carey, USA

2. Frederic Delcourt, France

3. Cameron Henning, Canada

100 breaststroke

1. Steve Lundquist, USA

2. Victor Davis, Canada

3. Peter Evans, Australia

100 butterfly

1 .Michael Gross, W. Ger.

2. Pablo Morales, USA

3. Glenn Buchanan, Australia

400 IM

1. Alex Bauman, Canada

2. Ricardo Prado, Brazil

3. Robert Woodhouse, Australia

4x200 relay

1. USA (Mike Heath, Dave Larson, Jeff Float, Bruce Hayes)

2. W. Ger.

3. Great Britain

Women's events

100 freestyle

1.(tie) Nancy Hogshead, USA

1.(tie) Carrie Steinseifer, USA

3. Annemarie Verstappen, Netherlands

200 freestyle

1. Mary Wayte, USA

2. Cynthia Woodhead, USA

3. Annemarie Verstappen, Netherlands

400 freestyle

1. Tiffany Cohen, USA

2. Sarah Hardcastle, Great Britain

3. June Croft, Grat Britain

100 backstroke

1. Theresa Andrews, USA

2. Betsy Mitchell, USA

3. Jolanda De Rover, Netherlands

200 breaststroke

1. Anne Ottenbrite, Canada

2. Susan Rapp, USA

3. Ingrid Lempereur, Belgium

400 IM

1. Tracy Caulkins, USA

2. Suzanne Landells, Australia

3. Petra Zindler, West Germany

4x100 relay

1. USA (Jenna Johnson, Carrie Steinseifer, Dara Torres, Nancy Hogshead)

2. Netherlands

3. West Germany


114 pounds

1. Zeng Guoquiang, China

2. Zhou Peishun, China

3. Kazushito Manabe, Japan

123 pounds

1. Wu Shude, China

2. Lai Rumming, China

3. Massahiro Kotaka, Japan

132 pounds

1. Chen Weiqiang, China

2. Geiu Radu, Romania

3. Wen-Yee Tsai, Chinese Taipei

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