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British aid for Falklands: $3.3 billion in three years

By David K. WillisStaff correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor / January 14, 1983


Just how much is Britain spending to support the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands? Answer: at least $:2.085 billion ($3.336 billion) over the next three years.

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That is almost $7 million per family.

Officials here give this breakdown:

* $:700 million to be spent in 1983 to cover costs incurred up to September 1982.

* $:900 million more spread over the next three years.

* $:424 million in 1983 for costs of keeping and supplying British soldiers on the islands.

* $:31 million on developing the islands.

* $:30 million or more for a new airport.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who returned to London after a five-day tour of the Falklands, considers the money well spent to preserve the freedom and sovereignty of the islanders.