Beyond the vote: 100 years of women’s leadership

One hundred years have passed since the United States legally affirmed women’s right to suffrage. But the fight for equality continues – especially when it comes to female leadership. In this series, Monitor reporters look beyond voting rights to where women in the U.S. and other countries are challenging the remaining cultural, political, economic, and educational barriers.

Cover Story

19th Amendment: The six-week 'brawl' that won women the vote

Rep. Karen Bass on women, politics, and this moment in history

‘Our voices carry weight’: Young women of color lead activist charge

Where do women lead in the media? South Africa.

The problem with the word ‘suffrage’: It excludes Black women activists

Around globe, women leaders rise to the pandemic challenge

NASA’s spacesuits have a gender problem. These women are fixing it.

Sexism isn’t a relic of the past. How men’s views are shifting.

Difference Maker

Why Jane Curtis is still fighting for justice at 102

One family, three generations, and 100 years of suffrage

‘Our voice matters’: Promoting female composers in classical music

Points of Progress

Points of Progress: Where women are seeing gains, globally

A bold and wise princess who doesn’t need a prince

In a Word

A vote for the word ‘suffragist,’ not ‘suffragette’

The Monitor's View

The roots of inherent rights like voting

Women and the vote: For women of color, the fight’s not over

Mary Baker Eddy founded a religion with equality at its core

Defying expectations: Monitor readers share women who inspired them

A century of women’s suffrage: How the vote opened paths to leadership (video)