FIXcast: Is the American Dream alive?

In this new podcast episode from 'FIXcast,' host Samantha Laine and Monitor staff writer Jessica Mendoza discuss Millennials and the American Dream – do they think it's alive?

With another Fourth of July come and gone, Americans are in the full summer swing. In light of the holiday and the excitement of the political season, it brings to mind a very American subject: the American Dream.

Monitor staff reporter Jessica Mendoza and freelance writer Paula Rogo recently road tripped across the country from Boston to Los Angeles, and along the way they sought out Millennials of all backgrounds to ask, is the American Dream alive? The responses painted a telling picture of how America's largest generation views its opportunities to pursue happiness – whether it's via purchasing a home with a white picket fence or starting a brand new digital enterprise. 

In the latest episode from "FIXcast," the Monitor's podcast on progress, host Samantha Laine and Ms. Mendoza discuss the attitudes surrounding the American Dream and how they will impact America's future. They are joined by the well-known Millennial Shira Lazar of and Morley Winograd, an author and speaker who has done a lot of research on the Millennial generation. 

Click here to listen to the podcast on iTunes.

Did you enjoy this episode? Want more podcasts on progress? Please let us know what you think.

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