Home theater: With games on hold, it’s sports films for the win (video)

Why We Wrote This

Americans are waiting to see if this unprecedented year will really allow for the return of home runs and field goals in stadiums. In the meantime, film critic Peter Rainer shares his top picks for movies and documentaries that capture the drama and pulse racing that accompany competitions. As he puts it, “Movies and sports were made for each other.”

As live sports and the Olympics are postponed due to COVID-19, we invited Monitor film critic Peter Rainer to share his favorite sports movies.

Peter’s selections offer everything from pulse-pounding action that puts you in the arena to nostalgic looks at beloved athletes. The movies themselves, ultimately, “are not really about winning or losing,” he says. “They are about the ecstasy of feeling free.”

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The highlighted films are available to rent on at least one of these platforms: YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play. 

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