Six credit cards that help you give back

Why not make your spending habits contribute positively to the world? Here are six cards that kick money to charitable causes every time you spend.  

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Credit and bank cards with electronic chips in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

Everyone likes to do good deeds, so why not make your spending habits contribute positively to the world? Here are a few credit cards out there that offer the opportunity to do good!

The Susan G Komen® Credit Card

The Susan G Komen® Credit Card, issued by Bank of America, offers cardholders cash back on every purchase. You'll earn one percent cash back on every purchase, two percent at grocery stores (and now wholesale clubs), and three percent on gas for the first $2,500 in combined grocery/wholesale club/gas purchases each quarter. Plus, Bank of America is guaranteeing Susan G Komen® $3,000,000 in donations until 2020, promoting breast cancer awareness.

World Wildlife Fund Credit Card

If you love animals, consider the World Wildlife Fund Credit Card, which gives $25 for every new account, as well as 0.25 percent of all net purchases straight to the conservation group.

Capital One Cards

With Capital One's No Hassle Giving program, Networks for Good handles the transaction for your charitable giving, and Capital One covers the transaction fee. You'll also earn points for your spending, since you're donating via credit card: it's a win-win!

Discover Giving

Via Discover Giving, you could also donate via credit card and earn rewards, but it doesn't appear that Discover covers their transaction costs, so keep that in mind when you're helping out your favorite charity.

American Express

American Express will allow you to donate via card or via Membership Rewards points, though I would suggest donating cash as Membership Rewards points are quite valuable!

Citi ThankYou Rewards

Citi's ThankYou program also offers a way to redeem your points for good, but again, I would recommend a straight cash donation instead. Those ThankYou Points can save you a lot of money on flights!

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