'The Book Thief' movie, starring Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson, arrives this November

'The Book Thief' actor Rush praised co-star Sophie Nélisse, who portrays protagonist Liesel Meminger. 'Sophie is just a true, natural original.... she's a gifted performer,' Rush said.

The film version of 'The Book Thief' is set to be released Nov. 15.

The film adaptation of the bestseller “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak is moving farther along and is set for a Nov. 15 release.

The movie adaptation of “Thief” stars “The King’s Speech” actor Geoffrey Rush as Hans Hubermann, the foster father of protagonist Liesel Meminger (Sophie Nélisse). “War Horse” actress Emily Watson portrays her Liesel’s foster mother Rosa. Brian Percival, who has directed several episodes of “Downton Abbey,” among other credits, is helming the film.

Rush recently praised relative newcomer Nélisse and her work in the film.

“I've had the opportunity in my career to have played opposite some extraordinary actresses and Sophie is just a true, natural original,” the actor told the website AceShowbiz. “She's a gifted performer who has an instinctive and highly creative rapport with the lens.”

Percival, meanwhile, said Nélisse “just nailed it” in the film.

“It was quite uncanny, this kid,” he said. “I was taken right away.”

“Thief” was originally released in 2006 and has been a bestseller since then, still currently holding the number five spot on the New York Times bestseller list for Young Adult works.

The novel by Zusak is narrated by Death, but there isn't a cast member listed as portraying that role.

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