Amazon's Kindle Singles will include interviews with 'iconic figures'

Amazon's Kindle Singles will feature interviews with some of the world's biggest names as part of their Kindle Singles store.

Shimon Peres, president of Israel, is the subject of the first Kindle Singles interview.

Online bookselling behemoth Amazon already offers Kindle Singles – short works of fiction or nonfiction sold individually rather than as part of a collection.

And now the company is using the Singles format to create the Kindle Singles Interview. Amazon users will be able to purchase interviews with “iconic figures and world leaders,” according to the company.

The first Kindle Singles Interview, which is available now, features a discussion with president of Israel Shimon Peres. The interviewer was author David Samuels for Tablet Magazine, a publication which focuses on Jewish topics of the day and news.

In a statement, Kindle Singles editor David Blum looked back to 1962 when “Roots” writer Alex Haley interviewed Miles Davis and made Playboy magazine a destination for interesting Q&As as well as establishing the idea of the importance of lengthy interviews with the day’s major figures.

“We hope to carry forward that tradition, and use the unlimited digital space to engage great artists and thinkers in conversation with skilled writers and interviewers,” Blum said of Kindle Singles Interviews.

Like other Kindle Singles, the interviews will be available for purchase for 99 cents. Only Kindle customers can purchase the Singles.

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