Is the new Amazon Kindle Fire on the way?

Amazon has scheduled a press conference for Sept. 6. Smart money says a new Kindle Fire tablet (or three) is on the way. 

Journalists check out the Kindle Fire tablet at a press event last year. A new Fire is reportedly on the way.

Amazon has issued invitations to a press event on Sept. 6, out in Los Angeles

The e-commerce giant isn't specifying exactly what will happen at the event, but smart money says that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will likely use the occasion to unveil a new Kindle Fire tablet (or three). After all, the timing lines up: Amazon unveiled the original Kindle Fire back in September of 2011, and like Apple, Amazon will likely to stick to a once-a-year refresh cycle, in order to keep interest in the device high. 

So what will the new Kindle Fires look like? Well, over at PC World, Ed Oswald has a bunch of requests. Among them: Open the thing up! 

"It may be a desire to control the experience, or an admission that the current Kindle just can’t handle it, but Amazon has the Android app experience locked down," Oswald writes. "Many apps don't run on the Fire. With these new Fires, Amazon needs to open up the experience and give users a better selection of apps to run on the device." 

Of course, it's possible that Amazon won't just take the wraps off a single Kindle Fire. Back in July, rumors started percolating about a possible five new Kindle Fire tablets, including one device with a 10-inch screen, which would presumably compete directly with the Apple iPad

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