George H. W. Bush in his own words: 10 stories from the updated 'All the Best, George Bush'

"All the Best, George Bush" is a collection of the personal correspondence of George H. W. Bush from his first years in the Navy in 1942 all the way to 2011. Here are 10 excerpts from the book.

3. 1975 – Nominated for CIA director

David J. Phillip/AP

In the mid-1970s, the CIA was accused of assassination plots and orchestrating coups in foreign countries. Bush – then serving as chief of the liaison office to the People's Republic of China – was asked to become the director of the agency in 1975.

To Secretary Kissinger and for the President through Secretary Kissinger:

Your message came as a total and complete shock.... Here are my heartfelt views.

First, I wish I had some time to talk to one or two close friends about this matter.

Second, I do not have politics out of my system entirely and I see this as the total end of any political future.

Third, I cannot from out here, half way around the world, measure the mood on the Hill as to my nomination for this new job.

Fourth, I sure wish I had time to think and sort things out....

If this is what the President wants me to do the answer is a firm "YES." ...

For the President – Thank you for this honor. I will work my heart out.

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