George H. W. Bush in his own words: 10 stories from the updated 'All the Best, George Bush'

"All the Best, George Bush" is a collection of the personal correspondence of George H. W. Bush from his first years in the Navy in 1942 all the way to 2011. Here are 10 excerpts from the book.

2. 1974 – Nixon resigns

Stephan Sevoia/AP

(These entries come from a diary that Bush – who was then chairman of the Republican National Committee – dictated into a tape recorder)

August 8 (Nixon announces his resignation)

The day was unreal. A pall was over the White House.

August 9 (Nixon leaves the White House)

There was an aura of sadness, like somebody died.... Nixon looked just awful.... Everyone in the room in tears. The speech was vintage Nixon – a kick or two at the press – enormous strains.... We ... hung around waiting for the swearing in of Ford. And then the whole mood changed. It was quiet, respectful, sorrowful in one sense, but upbeat.... It was much more relaxed....

The rest of the day was swirling around on the vice presidential speculation.... Quiet evening. Suspense mounting again.... Another defeat in this line is going to be tough but then again it is awful egotistical to think I should be selected.

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