6 stories about life with your adult children

In "Slouching Toward Adulthood," Sally Koslow shares what she learned about the differences between the boomer and Facebook generations.

2. Have we spoiled the children?


Psychologist Marie Hartwell-Walker says she's seen some young adults in college and after who are buoyed by parents who "can't seem to find a way to tell their kids to grow up and get on with life," says Walker. There are also young adults "who spend more time in the virtual than the actual world, making relationships with people they will never meet... kids who think they are entitled to get what they want just because they want it.... students who debate their professors' evaluations of lackluster work on the grounds that they 'tried hard'." Fortunately, Hartwell-Walker says, this isn't everyone. "But there is only a slice that's spoiled," she says.

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