6 stories about life with your adult children

They don't call it the boomerang generation for nothing. According to a recent Monitor story, 3 in 10 young adults are living at home, which is the highest that number's been since the 1950s. A lot of factors account for it: the country's economic troubles, the job market, kids who don't want to leave the nest, or parents who encourage them to stay there. For her new book "Slouching Toward Adulthood," Sally Koslow interviewed parents and the young adults who still share their home. Here are some of the stories she heard about the differences between the boomer and Facebook generations.

1. Kids think their parents work too hard

Koslow said that in talking to kids in their 20s and 30s who are living with their parents or wandering on their own, she often heard echoes of 1960s counterculture – revolting against societal norms and suspicion of the business world and "the one percent." "Ben's told both of us that he's found our dedication to our jobs to be intimidating and stifling," a mother named Maxine Davidowitz said of her son. "I realize I can't take the template for my generation and try to press it on my son's. The mold doesn't fit."

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