6 stories about life with your adult children

In "Slouching Toward Adulthood," Sally Koslow shares what she learned about the differences between the boomer and Facebook generations.

3. Helping kids move


Many parents with whom Koslow spoke rented a U-Haul and drove out at the merest mention of a child needing help moving – no matter how old the child was. One mother, Erika Hoffman of Chapel Hill, N.C., said that between four children in their 20s, she'd done 15 moves – enthusiastically. "It's a gift of time as well as money and makes me feel as if I still have something to do with their lives," Hoffman said. "My husband and I have toted furniture in trucks, bought mattresses, stocked refrigerators, helped sign up for utilities and cable services, and taken roommates out to dine before we depart."

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