Trials test our strength, test our resolve. But we are remarkably resilient. These are the stories of those facing enormous challenges and finding ways forward with grace and growth.

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Overcoming adversity: How the pandemic revealed resilience
When Veronica Quiroga and her fellow students at Fordham University set out to interview Bronx residents about surviving the pandemic, they expected tales of woe. Instead, they found people kept using one particular quality to describe their experiences: resilience. Despite one of the city’s darkest eras in recent memory, the light of community, family, and perseverance shone through in the voices of the Bronx COVID-19 Oral History Project.

‘We’re a resilient community’: After tragedy, Monterey Park seeks healing

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Reefs are in trouble. Can scientists nurture more resilient coral?

How two islands could shape Florida’s post-Ian recovery

The Explainer

California storms: When a year’s worth of rain in two weeks isn’t enough

Democracies survive outright assault, face internal threat

Ukrainian villagers can go home now. Rebuilding is a different matter.

Together they can: In Palestinian village, a model of self-sufficiency

Under occupation in Ukraine, a dairy cow makes a difference

Difference Maker

Flavors From Afar: Where refugees cook up new lives

How Egyptians face a food crisis: With creativity ... and half a loaf

On film: A veteran finds healing, with help from an orphaned ocelot

Kherson survived Russian occupation. Now winter tests liberation.

Russia has its troops. But does it have the economy to supply them?

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A costly winter looms. How much will the West be willing to sacrifice?

Five years, six presidents: In Peru, resilience is exhausting

Not rolling on the river: Drought tests America’s main water highway

What would a climate-resilient Pakistan look like? Sindh offers clues.

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Worship by other means

In the Philippines, a deadly storm holds lessons on climate resilience

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Saving biodiversity with a note of harmony

In Somali capital, a jihadist bombing tests a survivor’s limits


The Florida town that challenged Hurricane Ian and won

Points of Progress

Old ways, new gains: US apprenticeships expand, ancient Dutch crop revives

Ian McEwan’s ‘Lessons’ explores complex emotional terrain

Somalia on brink of famine. Can new tools, timely aid avert the worst?

Spielberg offers a portrait of his youth in ‘The Fabelmans’

Is American democracy breaking? How would we know?

Appalachian survival: ‘Demon Copperhead’ is a riveting, epic tale

In Ukraine’s liberated areas, weight of Russian occupation lingers

The storm has passed. For thousands in Florida, the displacement lingers.

Can Mt. Kenya’s porters get the same professional respect as Mt. Everest’s?

For men torn down by war, getting back up is a battle worthy of hope

Iran’s women on freedom: ‘This cause won’t die’

‘Pretty remarkable’: How Florida got power back for 2 million after Ian

Shaken but resilient, Florida residents move forward together after Ian

When war came, it was time to go. Stories on the Kupiansk bridge.

The Explainer

Florida has invested in resilience. Hurricane Ian is a sobering test.

‘Spirituals’: Santigold’s latest album rose from pandemic resilience

In Ukraine – and Europe – who can win the winter?

Taller grasses, deeper roots: Texas ranchers adapt to era of extremes

Water: Lessons in survival from a bone-dry land

What’s booming in wartime Odesa? Laughter.

‘Recalibrating activism’: Defiant resilience under Taliban rule

Can – and should – Ukraine rebuild while the war still rages?

Peanut paste: The link between Putin’s war and starving children

Tale of two cities: Ukrainians’ war experiences differ starkly

Ukraine: Three girls wounded by war, three paths toward healing

One neighborhood reaches for resilience: A letter from Chicago

Britain’s Bangladeshis aim to save Brick Lane – and their immigrant story

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Mariachi singer turns loss into love for arts – and community

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A country that reversed a narrative of poverty

How a year like no other summoned unsuspected strengths across cultures

For these ‘war children’ in London, grit and resilience come naturally

‘We’re not dead yet’: Big Basin redwoods scorched, but not lost.

Beyond fortitude: COVID-19 nurses tap a hidden strength – “sisu”

Fighting ‘invisible fire’: Why Paradise is ready for coronavirus.

After a mass shooting, what does healing look like?

Can resilience planning be disentangled from climate politics?

Try, try again? Psychologists question the value of 'grit'