Top 5 countries where people work the longest hours

Americans might like to think of themselves as the world's hardest workers, but a new report ranks them ninth in terms of working hours when placed alongside 28 nations, including China, India, and South Africa. Here's a quick glance at the longest-working nations.

4. Canada: 8 hours, 37 minutes

Total minutes worked per day: 517

Total unpaid minutes worked per day: 197

Total paid minutes worked per day: 320

Spending about 3 hours and 17 minutes per day doing work such as cooking or cleaning, Canadians spend less time doing unpaid work than most of their peers (Koreans do 136 hours of unpaid work a day, the lowest of all). But they more than make up for it with paid work.

Despite all that busy time, Canadians still seem pretty happy. They report having high levels of positive experiences – second only to Iceland in the OECD – with many saying they feel well-rested, treated with respect, and engaged in something they find interesting, according to the report.

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