Top 5 countries where people work the longest hours

Americans might like to think of themselves as the world's hardest workers, but a new report ranks them ninth in terms of working hours when placed alongside 28 nations, including China, India, and South Africa.

The study, released April 12 by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, found that Americans work about 15 minutes more per day than the average 8 hours worldwide. Chinese work about eight minutes longer per day than Americans. Belgians work the least, at seven hours a day.

Here's a quick glance at the top five longest-working nations, which has some surprising members.

5. Estonia: 8 hours, 36 minutes

Total minutes worked per day: 516

Total unpaid minutes worked per day: 232

Total paid minutes worked per day: 284

Estonians work long hours, according to the report. It also seems they have no time for volunteerism. Only 22 percent of Estonians report volunteering time, donating money, or helping strangers in the past month, which is the third lowest in the OECD after Turkey and Greece.

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