Top 5 countries where people work the longest hours

Americans might like to think of themselves as the world's hardest workers, but a new report ranks them ninth in terms of working hours when placed alongside 28 nations, including China, India, and South Africa. Here's a quick glance at the longest-working nations.

3. Portugal: 8 hours, 48 minutes

Total minutes worked per day: 528

Total unpaid minutes worked per day: 233

Total paid minutes worked per day: 295

Portuguese measured the third-most working hours daily. All that labor, however, couldn't dig the Portuguese economy out of mounting debt, with the nation succumbing this month a financial bailout from the European Union. Portuguese spend only 17 minutes a day shopping, according to the study, which is only more than Korea (13 minutes per day) and Turkey (14 minutes). Top shoppers in the OECD in terms of daily time are France (32 minutes), Germany (31 minutes), and Canada (30 minutes).

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