Hugo Chavez: 10 outrageous things he said about the US

Hugo Chavez, whose death was announced Tuesday, will be remembered worldwide as much for what he said as for what he did during his 14-year rule of Venezuela. From the vitriolic to bizarre, here is a list of 10 outrageous comments he made about the “Yankee empire” and its leaders.

3. Little girl

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    Then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reads a statement in Jerusalem in July 2006. During her time as secretary, Ms. Rice was frequently called 'little girl' by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.
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Mr. Rumsfeld wasn’t the only member of the Bush administration who was the target of Chávez’s ire. Then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice also received her share of insults.

Ms. Rice labeled Venezuela as a “menace” to Latin America democracy and security.

Chávez responded during a weekly broadcast in February 2006:  

“Remember, little girl, I'm like the thorn tree that flowers on the plain. I waft my scent to passersby and prick he who shakes me. Don't mess with me, Condoleezza. Don't mess with me, girl.” 

He then blew a kiss at the camera.

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