Hugo Chavez: 10 outrageous things he said about the US

Hugo Chavez, whose death was announced Tuesday, will be remembered worldwide as much for what he said as for what he did during his 14-year rule of Venezuela. From the vitriolic to bizarre, here is a list of 10 outrageous comments he made about the “Yankee empire” and its leaders.

2. Dogs of the empire

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    In July 2006, Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez, l., gestures as Cuba's President Fidel Castro looks on during an event in Cordoba, Argentina. Mr. Chávez received an award from Mr. Castro and during his speech called Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld a 'dog of the empire.'
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In February 2006, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld compared Chávez to Adolf Hitler, which did not sit well with the Venezuelan president.

Chávez played off the comment during a speech in Cuba where he was accepting the José Martí Prize – a Cuba-initiated UNESCO prize that recognizes an individual or organization that has contributed to Latin American unity.

"Let the dogs of the empire bark, that's their job," he said. "Ours is to battle to achieve the true liberation of our people."

Chávez said that the United States was weakening because of Latin America’s left-leaning governments.

"They are right to be worried, because they know what's happening here," he said during his three-hour speech. "They will forever try to preserve the US empire by all means, while we will do everything possible to shred it."

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