Cutting college costs: five questions about Obama’s proposal (+video)

President Obama unveiled a plan Aug. 22 to make college more affordable. “We can’t price the middle class and everybody working to get into the middle class out of a college education,” he said. Here’s a look at the plan and affordability efforts.

5. Is anything else happening to promote affordability?

AP Photo/The Record of Bergen County, Amy Newma
In this file photo, Class of 2013 graduate Jorge Ivan Gomez Wei of Fair Lawn, N.J., celebrates after receiving his diploma from Bergen Community College in East Rutherford, N.J. In an effort to cut costs, hundreds of colleges are encouraging students to complete graduation requirements in a timely fashion.

About 500 public colleges and universities are participating in Project Degree Completion to help students move through college in a timely way. Some colleges now offer three-year bachelor’s degree programs. And a growing number of private, nonprofit colleges are cutting tuition, matching public-university tuition, or offering guarantees that students can graduate in four years (or finish at no cost if they don’t).

One new resource: College Factual (, which offers value rankings and enables users to tailor comparisons.

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