'The Boss' tops box office in a close victory over 'Batman v Superman'

McCarthy's comedy 'The Boss' came in ahead of the superhero film at the box office this past weekend, while the new action movie 'Hardcore Henry' did not open well.

Hopper Stone/Universal Studios/AP
'The Boss' stars Melissa McCarthy (l.), Kristen Bell (center), and Ben Falcone (r.).

Is Melissa McCarthy the boss of both Batman and Superman?

Ms. McCarthy’s new comedy "The Boss," which opened April 8, placed first at the domestic box office this past weekend, coming in at number one over the March blockbuster "Batman v Superman" and Disney's animated hit "Zootopia."

"Boss" was not well-received by critics but managed to top "Batman" by an incredibly small account, with "Boss" grossing $23.5 million domestically and "Batman" grossing $23.4 million domestically as of Sunday – so that could change.

Meanwhile, "Zootopia" placed third, grossing more than $14 million domestically, while the comedy "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2" came in fourth, taking in more than $6 million.

The new action movie "Hardcore Henry," which was filmed as if the events of the movie were being experienced through the eyes of viewers, placed fifth, taking in more than $5 million. 

McCarthy continues to show that she's a box office draw with each new film. Leaving out the 2014 movie "St. Vincent," which opened in limited release, "The Boss" is the latest film in which McCarthy stars that has opened with more than $20 million, and almost all of the movies in which she's starred have grossed more than $100 million. The 2014 comedy "Tammy," which did not hit $100 million, was still viewed as having performed just fine financially. 

Meanwhile, "Batman v Superman" had an incredibly strong opening weekend, setting a record for a March box office opening. But it has sunk since then, with the movie's second weekend becoming one of the biggest financial drops ever for a superhero film. 

However, "Batman" is still now one of the highest-grossing comic book movies of all time, coming in ahead of such successes as "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," "X-Men: Days of Future Past," and "Batman v Superman" director Zack Snyder's own "Man of Steel."

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