'The Boss' is not worthy of star Melissa McCarthy

'Boss' stars Melissa McCarthy as a CEO who has recently been released from jail for insider trading.

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    'The Boss' stars Melissa McCarthy (l.) and Kristen Bell (r.).
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I persist in believing that Melissa McCarthy is capable of starring in a movie that not only makes a scads of money but is – you know – good.

The latest refutation of my belief is “The Boss,” in which she plays a chief executive officer gorgon who gets thrown in the can for insider trading and emerges not wiser, exactly, but slightly cuddlier. Along with a former employee, played blandly by Kristen Bell, she engineers a new enterprise selling brownies via a middle school girls’ troop conspicuously not named the Girl Scouts. The Scouts organization must have read the script.​ ​Grade: D (Rated R for sexual content, language and brief drug use.)


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