Halloween Plea: 'Dear Will, Please wear the Yoda hat'

Halloween Plea: All this mama blogger wants for Halloween is for her 11-month-old son to wear the Yoda hat that took her an 'embarrassingly long time to crochet.' Pretty please?

Courtesy of Lane Brown
Halloween Plea: Mommy blogger Lane Brown crocheted this Yoda hat for her 11-month-old son to wear on Halloween only to find out that he hates hats.

Dear Will,

Please wear the Yoda hat. You see, this is your first Halloween and instead of buying you some cute off-the-rack animal suit I decided (as if there were extra credit parenting points awarded) to crochet a Yoda hat for your Halloween costume. I know now that I was wrong. You don’t like to wear hats. You are dexterous enough at 11 months-old to rip them from your head with your chubby little fingers. I forgot this, since the last time you wore a hat, you couldn’t use your thumbs.

But, this hat is different. It took mom an embarrassingly long time to crochet this hat. And it will make people laugh, and you love to make people laugh, right? Like last week, when I put you in that fleece bear suit on that cold morning. Sure, you were emasculated for the first few minutes, but when you saw how much people enjoyed seeing you in it, you liked it. They were laughing with you little man, not at you. I promise.

So it will be with the Yoda hat, you will see. So many folks will feel great joy seeing you in your costume, it will be totally worth it in the end. And here’s the thing, I have built ties on each of the ear flaps that will be employed if need be. I don’t want to resort to threats, but this is kind of big deal. Because, as mentioned earlier, mommy spent hours working on this “fun” and “easy” craft project (she will show you the calluses on her fingers!) so that she could hold in her heart the lasting memory of your first Halloween, and look like a total champion for hand-crafting a major piece of the outfit. Do you know how hard it is to CROCHET Yoda ears? Seriously little dude, just wear the hat.

We have one day left until the big event. If need be, we can practice wearing the hat in installments while you get into character. I am here to help. Just let me know what you need, as long as it involves wearing the Yoda hat, and I will deliver.

Affectionately Yours,


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