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School is out: Mom needs a panic room

School is out and one mom desperate to entertain the kids may bolt herself in a panic room as she suddenly realizes why book stores have toy sections.

Melanie Stetson Freeman/The Christian Science Monitor
Children in summer camp read books during a literacy session in Jamaica Plain, Mass., in this 2011 file photo. For kids too young to go to camp, parents must deal with round-the-clock childcare and enterntainment.

Me: Hiiiiieeeee

Teri: What is up?

Lauren: Nothing. It’s day 3.

Teri: Day 3, the natives have started to get restless?

Me: That was actually Day 2.

Teri: Day 3, the natives have organized.

Me: Day 2, the natives were made to clean. Day 3, we went to Barnes and Noble. Having just returned, 2 of the 3 are fighting. BTW, why does Barnes and Noble have a toy section? It’s a BOOK STORE. Do they hate parents?

Teri: The chief is scared.

Me: Out of my mind.

Three days down, 74 to go.

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