Lauren Parker-Gill

Contributing blogger

Hi, I am Lauren – I am a wife, mother, coffee addict, purse fiend, gadget girl, & chocoholic, living near Philadelphia.

To go along with my coffee obsession, I call my three boys Venti, Grande, and Tall. Having that third  kid really worked to my advantage. (For those keeping score – Testosterone: 4, Estrogen: 1.) I have fabulous shopping skills, love pop culture, and I am the FourSquare Mayor of my local Starbucks, of which, I am excessively proud. I also love exercising, knitting, reading, writing, editing, and have been called a “Social Media Queen.”

Oh? And if you try to come between me and my favorite coffee beverage of the season? Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Her blog is Spill the Beans.

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