Smart watches to fitness-tracking shirts: 5 amazing wearable gadgets

These five wearable tech devices could change the way you wear technology.

3. Neuro:on

Neuro:on is a sleeping mask that monitors sleep patterns that helps people control the amount they sleep.

Naps are finicky. Sometimes they are too long. Others too short. This wearable device can help people pinpoint the perfect length.

The Neuro:on sleeping mask is a sleep manager. It monitors your eye movements to help you follow your natural sleep patterns. The mask was created to help those who want to pursue a polyphasic sleep cycle, where people take small naps throughout the day instead of one long stretch of shuteye at night, but the mask could be used by anyone looking to keep track how they sleep.

Using a mobile app, users can program how long they would like to sleep. When it's time to wake up, the mask will shine a soft light on the user's eyes to mimic the rising sun. 

The mask sells for $299 and will begin shipping in January 2015.

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