Smart watches to fitness-tracking shirts: 5 amazing wearable gadgets

These five wearable tech devices could change the way you wear technology.

4. MOTA Ring

MOTA SmartRing gives users notifications and updates right on their finger.

While smart watches are catching on, for some, wristwatches feel too big. So one company is putting the basic functionality of the smart watch into a ring.

The MOTA SmartRing gives users information right on their fingers. The SmartRing can manage calls, get texts, and receive notifications from social media sites. The ring is designed to help users stay connected without constantly looking down at a phone. This fall, the company raised $125,000 for its SmartRing in an Indigogo campaign. The first batch of rings are set to begin shipping on April 2015.

MOTA has already created a line of smart watches. With the G2 Pro, MOTA's latest watch, users can check e-mail, listen to music, and answer telephone calls, but the watch only comes in one size. The smart watch is compatible with Android and iPhones and sells for $89.99.

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