Top YouTube videos of 2009: Susan Boyle, David After Dentist, and more

YouTube salutes the touching, surprising, and wacky videos that smashed their way into pop culture this year.

From anonymous singer to the star behind the fastest selling debut album in history, Susan Boyle has had a sudden ascent, thanks in no small part to YouTube.

Susan Boyle's sudden rise from anonymity to incandescence started on the variety show "Britain's Got Talent" but didn't really take off until she hit YouTube. Once the clip was uploaded to the video website, people around the world watched, shared, and fell in love with the "ugly duckling" and her dynamite voice.

So, how many times have people watched Boyle's magnificent coming out? People the world over logged 120 million views.

YouTube crowned the clip as its most viewed video of the year in a 2009 wrap-up blog post published today.

The muddled ramblings of "David After Dentist" nabbed the number-two spot. This home movie of a 7-year-old reacting to the effect of a dental procedure pulled in 37 million views. Some questioned the ethics of letting the entire Internet laugh at a young boy in his moment of weakness, but there's something more pure about the amateur feel of "David" compared to the high-production value of Boyle's TV performance – it sticks to the original intent of YouTube.

Third place went to another Horizon favorite, the "JK Wedding Entrance Dance." Minnesota couple Kevin Heinz and Jill Peterson danced their way down the aisle – accompanied by their entire wedding party – to Chris Brown's "Forever." The lighthearted entrance become a Web phenomenon, with 33 million views worldwide, a nod from "The Office," and a parody divorce. In fact, this blogger attended a recent wedding reception in which the song "Forever" sparked a spontaneous faux-aisle walk on the dance floor.

"Wedding Entrance" is the last amateur production on the YouTube's list. The "New Moon" trailer and "Evian Roller Babies" ad rounded out the top five. Watch the latter below.

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