Wedding dance video redux: the divorce

YouTube screengrab by Andrew Heining

Sad as it is, it had to happen.

Remember that wedding video that spread across Facebook, Twitter, The Today Show, and this blog last week? It's been passed around, parodied by local news and reenacted live on national TV. Now someone's posted the possible flipside to the joyous nuptial journey.

A group of professional New York dancers posted "JK Divorce Entrance Dance" to YouTube on Wednesday. The video opens on a crowded courtroom while the familiar strains of Chris Brown's "Forever" fill the room. Soon attorneys, bailiffs, judge, and the [not-so-] happy couple boogie down the aisle and take their places at the divorce proceedings. So far it's been viewed 66,000 times.

It's well danced, spot-on, and entertaining, yes, but also biting commentary on a society obsessed with Jon & Kate and the latest celebrity splits. Have a look, after the jump:


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