'David After Dentist' is viral video gold, but at what price?

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    'David After Dentist': Seven year-old David DeVore's fuzzy musings have drawn millions of web viewers.
    YouTube user "booba1234"
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Could that stack of camcorder videos contain the next YouTube hit waiting to happen?

A few recent clips have raised the question – and eyebrows.

Take "David After Dentist." The video of a 7 year-old reacting to the effects of a dental procedure has been viewed just under 6.5 million times since it was posted a little over a week ago.

Then there's "Charlie Bit My Finger," which has stacked up more than 80 million views in a year and a half.

And commercial versions are gaining in popularity too – who can forget the E*Trade baby's Super Bowl spots? And what about the laughing baby that AIG turned into a commercial before it started feeding kids grown-up sounding lines to read?

Speaking of grown-up sounding lines, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's caused controversy last year with "The Landlord," a sketch that featured too-cute 2 year-old Pearl McKay spouting expletives, demanding rent money, and berating Ferrell.  Some wondered if posting the child's acted-out antics didn't amount to exploitation. McKay insists he wasn't exploiting his daughter and claims she was at a stage of repeating anything said to her without retaining it.

The Wall Street Journal caught up with the man behind the "Dentist" video and addressed these concerns:

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