Watch giant tortoise rescue another tortoise

Check out this video taken at the Taipei Zoo of one tortoise helping another get back on its feet

A tortoise rescues his mate at Taipei Zoo

If you're struggling, sometimes you just need a hand. Or a nudge. 

A video of one tortoise rescuing another, which was stuck laying its back, is going viral. The YouTube video was uploaded by AuDi Yu in November and filmed at the Taipei Zoo in Taiwan. He wrote that he and his daughter went to the zoo as part of a school field trip.

You can hear the class encouraging the tortoise rescue and their cheers as the tortoise regains its footing and the two walk off.

What a great life lesson for this class.

Tortoises are among the creatures with the longest lifespans on Earth. The oldest tortoise ever recorded was named Tu'i Malila ("king Malila") (c. 1777-May 19, 1966). The tortoise was given as a gift to the royal family of Tonga by the famous English explorer Captain James Cook. He apparently bought it from a Dutch merchant in Cape Town, South Africa

It belonged to the species radiated tortoise (Geochelone radiata) from Madagascar. It remained in the care of the royal family until death on 19 May, 1965 due to natural causes, at the age of 188.

Apparently, these tortoises aren't the only ones looking after their own. When a six-week-old baby elephant named Omysha toppled over onto her back at Zurich Zoo, in Switzerland, three adult elephants rushed over to set her on her feet. The incident was uploaded to YouTube in Oct. 2-14 

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