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Audience Engagement Editor

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David Clark Scott oversees innovation and the ongoing evolution of CSMonitor.com and Monitor newsletters.

Previously, as online director, Scott led a team that was part-Skunkworks, part journalism, and part tech training. His team acted as the bridge between the editorial, business, and technical teams of CSMonitor.com.

Prior to joining the web team, Scott was the International News Editor at The Christian Science Monitor. In 2007, he won the inaugural Dart Society Mimi Award  – “the first of its kind to recognize editors who advocate relentlessly for the integrity of stories and invest time in shaping the talents of journalists.”

Scott was a 2011 Fellow of the Punch Sulzberger Program at Columbia University.

Scott has also been the Monitor’s Latin America bureau chief in Mexico City, Australasia bureau chief in Sydney, and Wall Street bureau chief in New York.

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