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  • People's Climate March urges climate change action

    Demonstrators in the People's Climate March Sunday urged policymakers to take quick action on climate change. The New York People's Climate March was one of a series of events held around the world to raise awareness about climate change.

  • Can UN climate summit make real impact on rising temperatures?

    More than 120 world leaders will attend this week's UN climate summit in New York City, but viewed as a political event, the summit is unlikely to affect real change.

  • New Zealand colossal squid: Rare, close-up look

    New Zealand colossal squid sometimes inhabit the world of fiction and imagination, but have rarely been seen in daylight. That changed Tuesday when scientists in New Zealand got a long-anticipated chance to thaw out a colossal squid and inspect it.

  • Russian gas to Poland drops mysteriously by almost a quarter

    Russian gas deliveries to Poland were down 24 percent this week, Poland's gas monopoly said Wednesday. It remains unclear as to why Russian gas supplies to Poland were nearly a quarter lower than normal, and the drop is having knock-on effects in Ukraine.

  • I-15 washout: Floods close busy highway stretch

    Drivers were told to avoid an Interstate 15 (I-15) washout in southern Nevada Wednesday, after the busy highway crumbled from intense flash floods. The I-15 washout could close the highway stretch near Moapa for several days, officials said.   

  • Byron Bay shark attack: Rescue attempt fails

    A Byron Bay shark attack in eastern Australia caused one fatality despite a beachgoer's brave rescue attempt, police said. A lawyer on vacation said he saw the Byron Bay shark attack victim and swam out to try to rescue him.

  • Climate change: Carbon dioxide levels at record high, UN says

    Carbon dioxide levels reached a record high in 2013, according to a new UN report, rising to global concentrations of 396 parts per million last year. It was the biggest year-to-year change in carbon dioxide levels in three decades, the UN said.

  • Phoenix flooding: Record rainfall snarls traffic

    Phoenix flooding turned freeways into small lakes as commuters scrambled to escape their inundated cars. The Phoenix flooding came after the city broke its all-time record for rainfall in a single day.

  • Flood leaves thousands stranded in Kashmir

    A flood in Kashmir and eastern Pakistan has caused hundreds of fatalities and left thousands stranded. Indian and Pakistani soldiers are working to rescue those threatened by the massive flood.

  • Yosemite fire quadruples in size, forces evacuation

    Yosemite fire quadrupled in size as of Monday morning, according to officials. The growing Yosemite fire forced the helicopter evacuation of about 100 park visitors.

  • Albino cobra: Snake in Thousand Oaks captured

    An albino cobra on the loose in Thousand Oaks, Calif., has been captured, officials said Thursday. The albino cobra had been on the loose in Thousand Oaks since at least Monday evening.  

  • Jail goats: How one jail mows the lawn

    A jail in Tulsa, Okla. is using two donated goats – named Scooby and Scrappy – to clear grass and weeds in the jail's atrium. Inmates are not allowed contact with the jail goats. 

  • Kayakers survive great white shark attack

    Two Massachusetts kayakers survived a great white shark attack Wednesday while out taking pictures of seals. Officials are still searching for the great white shark that attacked the kayakers.

  • Albino cobra 'probably freaking out,' says official

    An albino cobra on the loose in Southern California has officials warning parents to watch their children and keep them away from dark holes. The albino cobra has been loose since at least Monday evening, when it bit a dog.

  • PG&E gets $1.4 billion fine for gas pipeline explosion

    PG&E should pay a $1.4 billion penalty for a deadly 2010 gas pipeline explosion, according to a ruling from California regulatory judges Tuesday. PG&E, the state's largest utility, said in a statement it fully accepts that a penalty is appropriate. 

  • Threatened coral: Climate change puts 20 types at risk

    Climate change is one reason the US government is putting 20 species of threatened coral on a list of threatened species. The threatened coral are vital to the health of marine ecosystems, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

  • How climate change could ruin your Hawaii vacation

    Climate change may just threaten your dream trip to Hawaii. A new report from the University of Hawaii says the state's tourism industry must start preparing for the effects of climate change.

  • UN climate change report warns of 'irreversible' impacts

    A draft UN climate change report finds that global warming could be irreversible, painting a harsh warning of what's causing global warming and what it will do to humans and the environment. It also offers ways to curb climate change. 

  • Bear rescue: Man drives an hour to save injured cub

    An Arizona man drove 80 miles to rescue an injured bear cub and bring it to a wildlife conservation center. It is unkown if the injured bear cub will be released into the wild.

  • California earthquakes may pose threat to nuclear plant, expert says

    California earthquakes may pose a safety risk to the state's last operating nuclear plant, a senior federal nuclear expert says in a report obtained by the Associated Press. The report says no one knows whether the facility's equipment can withstand California earthquakes.