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  • Senate hopeful cuts power to White House – in TV ad

    In a new campaign ad, Senate hopeful Natalie Tennant rebukes the Obama administration's carbon limits on power plants by pretending to cut power to the White House. The White House power outage ad is the first for the West Virginia candidate.

  • 911 call reveals home intruder is ... a snake?

    Police officers in New Mexico responded to a 911 call to find that the home intruder was a large snake. The home intruder snake was removed from the home, according to officers, and released in an open space in the city.

  • Libya oil depot fire: Officials call for international help

    A Libya oil depot fire spread uncontrolled Monday, after the oil depot was caught in the middle of militias battling for control of an airfield. The Libya oil depot fire had spread to a second depot by Monday afternoon, according to the government. 

  • Revere tornado damages city north of Boston

    A Revere tornado ripped up roofs and uprooted trees Monday in the coastal city of Revere, just north of Boston. There were no immediate reports of serious injuries from the Revere tornado.

  • Xi Jinping: Behind the purge of China's oil firms

    Xi Jinping has launched a campaign against his political rivals that is roiling the entire Communist Party. A Reuters examination of the oil-industry component of the Chinese president's crackdown shows the extent of the Xi Jinping purge, a drama that will have repercussions well beyond China.

  • Virginia campground tornado: What caused deadly storm?

    Virginia campground tornado tore through a sprawling, carnival-like campground Thursday, killing two and leaving more than two dozen injured. About 1,300 people were at the Virginia campground when the tornado hit. 

  • Minnesota allows expanded wolf hunt despite criticism

    Minnesota will issue hundreds more wolf hunting licenses this year, three years after the animals came off the endangered species list. The expanded Minnesota wolf hunting season begins in November.

  • Fukushima study emphasizes unthinkable US nuclear disasters

    A Fukushima study released Thursday advises the US nuclear industry to protect against highly unlikely but worst-case scenarios. Earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, and solar storms are among the unusual events studied by the National Academy of Sciences in its Fukushima study.

  • Alligator escapes zoo, tortoise may have helped

    A 12-inch alligator escaped a Michigan zoo over the weekend after slipping under a fence, according to the zoo's owner. A large tortoise may have inadvertently helped the alligator escape by wearing away dirt near the fence. 

  • Train derailment: Oil train tanker cars derail in Seattle

    Train derailment in Seattle early Thursday did not spill any oil, according to Burlington Northern Santa Fe. Three tanker cars were involved in the oil train derailment.

  • Virginia campground tornado kills three

    Virginia campground tornado hit the Cherrystone Campground at Cape Charles, Virginia. At least three people were killed by the possible Virginia campground tornado, according to officials. 

  • Peacock shot in California, suspect on the loose

    Peacock shot in Southern California earlier this month. Officials have released a police sketch of a man suspected of shooting the peacock from his Mercedes-Benz.

  • Arturo the polar bear: Why he's staying in Argentina

    Arturo the polar bear will remain in Argentina, according to the Mendoza Zoo, despite hundreds of thousands of signatures on a petition asking that he be moved to Canada. The zoo says Arturo the polar bear is too old to be safely relocated. 

  • New Jersey anaconda: What's in Lake Hopatcong?

    New Jersey anaconda potentially in the state's largest lake has caused concern among local residents. Traps have been set in Lake Hopatcong, but questions remain over whether it's actually a New Jersey anaconda or some other reptile.

  • Typhoon Matmo brings more stormy weather to China

    Typhoon Matmo made landfall in southeastern China on Wednesday where it was downgraded to a tropical storm. Typhoon Matmo brought with it heavy rain and gusts of 67 miles per hour.

  • George Harrison memorial tree felled by ... beetles

    George Harrison memorial tree, planted following his death in 2001, has been destroyed by bark beetles, according to local officials. The George Harrison memorial tree is among a number of trees that have succumbed to beetles this year.

  • Beef environmental impact greater than pork, study finds

    Beef environmental impact is larger than pork, poultry, eggs, or dairy, a new study finds. Beef produces five times more heat-trapping gases per calorie, and takes 11 times more water for irrigation, according to the beef environmental impact study. 

  • Woman saves stranded ducklings, gets $100 fine

    A driver in New Hampshire saved a group of stranded ducklings, but got a $100 ticket for stopping in a highway median. The stranded ducklings were taken to a wildlife rescue in Maine.

  • Tar sands ban: Maine city blocks crude oil shipments

    A Maine city council voted 6-1 late monday to block the shipment of so-called tar sands oil from western Canada through South Portland, Maine. Environmentalists say tar sands oil is difficult to clean up, but supporters of the pipeline say blocking it will kill jobs.

  • Blue king crab caught in Alaska, becomes local star

    A blue king crab was caught off the coast of Nome, Alaska earlier this month. Local officials say they don't know why the rare blue king crab has its unique hue.