Readers write: Anti-Semitism, and community relations

Letters to the editor for the Feb. 3, 2020 weekly magazine. Readers discuss the Monitor’s coverage of anti-Semitism, as well as community service.


I’m pleased to see an increasing number of articles in the Monitor that address anti-Semitism. [Editor’s note: See “Anti-Semitism surges – right and left – across political spectrum” in the Jan. 20 Monitor Weekly and “Anti-Semitism in the schoolyard: A new front in Germany’s struggle” in the Jan. 27 Monitor Weekly.]

However, the disappointing aspect of these articles is that most of the reporting focuses on anti-Semitic events with very superficial coverage of where anti-Semitism is coming from. I’d like to see some in-depth reporting on that topic.

Rudy Ramp
Arcata, California

Community relations

I loved the Home Forum essay “Keeping the peace in my neighborhood” by Robert Klose in the Dec. 30, 2019 & Jan. 6, 2020 Monitor Weekly. I can relate to both men in the story. Sometimes we feel slighted and act out, and sometimes we have patience with ourselves and others. It makes me want to do more and volunteer more. Thanks for the article.

Patrick Harber

Essays by Robert Klose

I think I’ve read every essay by Mr. Klose that you’ve printed – and loved every single one. But the latest one titled “Keeping the peace in my neighborhood” produced a lump in my throat. I feel as if I know him at this point and now I like him even more. Thanks to him for his heartfelt writing.

Joan Mikkelsen
Berkeley, California

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