Readers write: Technology of the Olympics, emotions evoked by the beauty of the Olympics, the layers of another culture

Letters to the editor for the May 7, 2018 weekly magazine.

'Secrets We Kept' is by Krystal A. Sital.

Technology of the Olympics

Regarding the Feb. 12 Monitor Daily article “The Olympic-level science behind the sports”: I love the angle that you chose to report. Behind the scenes, so many people are working hard! 

I know a person who was involved in making the bobsleds for the Jamaican team (though they decided not to use the Japanese-made bobsled), and knowing that my great-uncle attended the 1928 Winter Olympics in St. Moritz, Switzerland, with bamboo skis made me appreciate your article even more. 

Time and technologies have changed, but the pioneer spirit to go higher, faster, and more efficiently will never change. Such is the joy of challenges – Olympics or no Olympics.

Fujiko Signs


Emotions evoked by the beauty of the Olympics

Regarding the Feb. 26 Monitor Daily article “Beyond medals, how our reporter found beauty in Olympic struggle”: This is a beautiful story. It actually brought tears to my eyes. 

Thank you so much for writing it.

Terry Wyszkowski

Andover, Mass.

The layers of another culture

Regarding the Feb. 20 book review “ ‘Secrets We Kept’ is the wrenching story of the abusive truth behind the marriages in an author’s family”: It was startling to read this article after we prepared a dinner of Trinidadian curry, a recipe we selected to remember our first trip there a year ago. 

The smells of the green seasoning we had mixed in the blender permeated the kitchen, and the bright flavor of the curry reminded us of the wonderful food we had eaten and the relaxed, friendly people. 

Now we learn that the culture has layers we may not see, layers that go very deep.

Sarah Mayhew

Fairfax, Va.

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