Readers write: Japanese in America, space junk solutions, science in the Weekly, new format

Letters to the editor for the Sept. 4, 2017 weekly magazine.

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A Madagascar day gecko sits on a perch in the Masoal rainforest hall at the zoo in Zurich on March 19, 2013.

Japanese in America

Regarding the July 11 Monitor Daily article “Mary’s story: Exclusion, forgiveness, persistence, reward”: My book discussion group read “The Buddha in the Attic,” by Julie Otsuka. It, too, is all about what happened to the Japanese living in the United States during World War II. It is heartbreaking to read about how these people were treated. It is a reminder of how we often mistreat people who become associated with a negative situation not of their own doing.

Jeanne Scott-Monck

New York

Space junk solutions

Regarding the July 3 Monitor Daily article “How to curb rise in ‘space junk’? Scientists eye the feet of geckos.”: It’s good to hear there are new ideas of how to dispose of space debris. There is still a lot of work to make the gecko technique foolproof. Keep us informed of progress.

Joyce Wineland

Greenbelt, Md.

Science in the Weekly

This idea of a Weekly accessible science section sounds great! Please include at-home experiments to do. How about goofy names for some experiments, too? Fun and more fun is how I think of science, so let’s have some great fun with it!

Mary Lynne Isham

Berlin, Vt.

New format

The freshness and conciseness of the new Monitor Daily has enabled me to be more involved and effective in supporting the issues raised in each article prayerfully and metaphysically. Thanks for the renewed inspiration. I’m especially loving the daily, five-plus articles approach!

William Cheney

Los Angeles

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