Readers write: Older operagoers, Middle East coverage, political history

Letters to the editor for the June 26, 2017 weekly magazine.

Jonathan Tichler/Metropolitan Opera/AP
The Metropolitan Opera House stands in Lincoln Center Plaza in New York in 2009.

Older operagoers

Regarding the May 31 article “As curtain falls on the Met’s 50th anniversary season at Lincoln Center, what’s next for opera in America?”
( I am 75 years old and have been going to the opera since I was 16. 

The prediction that the opera audience is dying off and the future is in great doubt could have been written at any time. I looked at the audiences in the 1960s, ’70s, etc., and everyone seemed to be old and gray – and they still are. 

Maybe going to the opera is the secret to the Fountain of Youth!

Bill Harrison

Raleigh, N.C.

Middle East coverage

Regarding the June 5 OneWeek article “US pivots back to Saudi Arabia”: Scott Peterson’s reports are always insightful and excellent. His knowledge and understanding of this area of the world makes for superior reporting that I can trust.

Rockville, Md.

Political history

Regarding the June 12 OneWeek article “Diplomatic back channels not new” : I am very appreciative of this article. This story sheds some historical light for generations of readers perhaps not knowing the history of back channels and their importance. 

I was in junior high school in New York City during the Cuban missile crisis and experienced the bold newspaper headlines and feelings of fear in the public. Facts can help remove the political bull’s-eye currently painted on Jared Kushner and others for talking with the Russians. If mistakes of protocol were made, then they should be brought to light and we should move on.

Attempts to influence the US presidential election is a different story. More facts are needed about that. 

Thank you for your excellent coverage.

Peter J. Jensen

Chesterfield, Mo.

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