Did the Arab Spring fail? Three views from Monitor readers

In light of an op-ed by Ayaan Hirsi Ali ('Why the Arab Spring hasn't failed in Egypt and Middle East), we asked our readers on Facebook: “Do you think the Arab Spring has failed?” See some of their most thoughtful responses here.

3. What about the US?

Cathy Barnes: …. One would hope that some day these people would grasp even the basic concept of democracy, but US with NSA spying is no longer a good example. We have no more 4th, 5th , or 6th Amendment rights.

Fauzi Tchelebi: It is not logical that the EU [European Union] and US fight Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Mali, but on the other hand, they support it indirectly in other places like Iraq [and[ Syria, ... financially, with weapons, and with strategic support.

Diane Marston: I suspect [Egypt] is divided, just like [America].

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