Did the Arab Spring fail? Three views from Monitor readers

In light of an op-ed by Ayaan Hirsi Ali ('Why the Arab Spring hasn't failed in Egypt and Middle East), we asked our readers on Facebook: “Do you think the Arab Spring has failed?” See some of their most thoughtful responses here.

2. Not yet

Jill Levi: NO! It hasn't failed at all. It's still in progress. Democracy is coming to the Middle East and Muslims will be able to share in freedom. This secures our world, not ruins it.

Adam Carpenter: Is it a success? I cannot say just yet. But I know it is far too early to call it a failure.

Eileen Whitaker: Egyptians just learned the first rule of Democracy: Consider your vote carefully, research the candidate, and ensure that he/she is not a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I have hope for Egypt.

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