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  • Global Viewpoint Why America should let Iraq resolve its own crisis

    The US already destroyed the political, economic, and social infrastructure of Iraq. There is no way it should attempt to re-enter this agony. This is not some jihadi apocalypse. In fact, ISIS is establishing the groundwork for what is emerging as a likely federalist structure of Sunni Arab, Shiite Arab, and Kurdish regions – the only way Iraq can survive for the foreseeable future.

  • Global Viewpoint How China and the US can avoid a catastrophic clash

    By provoking US allies, Beijing is forcing Washington to choose between abandoning its friends or going to war with China. Both believe the other will back down. But there is a high chance that they are both wrong. America’s best move then is to change the game in Asia, by offering to share power if China behaves responsibly.

  • Global Viewpoint Modi 2.0: How India's new prime minister may have evolved

    As an opposition member of parliament, I can happily say that Modi appears to have realized that he will have to lead the nation from the center and not from the extreme right, where he built his base. But if he backslides, we will resist him robustly. India's democracy deserves no less.

  • Global Viewpoint India’s tectonic shift

    The electoral victory of Narendra Modi and the BJP marks a major shift for India – inspiring great hope for many and worry for others. However, both the euphoria and the fears will calm down when Modi gets down to the hard business of governing a large, diverse, chaotic India.


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