Supporting government through prayer

A Christian Science perspective: God communicates to each of us in ways that inspire solutions and progress.

Following the political news and activity going on throughout the world has inspired me to think more deeply about what we can do to support good government. I’ve found that prayerfully listening for guidance from God, who is good, is a helpful approach in any situation.

For example, many years ago, I was a member of an organization, and a friend of mine was on its governing board. A controversial and unpleasant situation had arisen that eventually required a vote by the board. Wanting to do the right thing, my friend had been praying. Instead of mentally replaying the drama surrounding the situation or focusing on her own opinions, she prayerfully maintained a quiet confidence that God was in harmonious control of His entire spiritual creation. This included each member of the organization, including the board.

The teachings of Christian Science explain that Mind is a synonym, or name, for God. The divine Mind communicates to its creation, and listening for God’s guidance enables us to discern the good in one another. In turn, this helps us reach pragmatic solutions that uphold love, fairness, dignity, respect, and completeness, in accord with Mind’s principled spiritual law of harmony.

My friend valued the spiritual facts of God’s creation, such as the inherent purity and integrity of each of us. She felt assured that God was governing and loving everyone. From past experience, she knew that as she listened to divine Mind she would be led in productive ways forward.

When it came time to vote, my friend’s fellow board members were evenly divided. As she prayed, it came to her to abstain. This created a tie, necessitating that the issue go to the entire membership for a vote. As it turned out, there was a harmonious resolution that has continued to benefit that organization.

Whatever the need may be, each of us has the innate ability and opportunity to turn to God for higher spiritual perspectives and healing results. Speaking to this important point, Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer of Christian Science, writes, “Neither material finesse, standpoint, nor perspective guides the infinite Mind and spiritual vision that should, does, guide His children” (“Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896,” p. 373). God really is the only true source of the wisdom we need and is our most reliable guide.

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